Stir Crazy?! Distance Learning & Activity Suggestions for Grades 7-12.

Don’t forget to allow yourself and your children to feel – to be scared, curious, angry, sad and every emotion in between. Stay strong, practice social distancing and wash those hands. Here’s to coming out stronger and smarter on the other side.


10 Things That Make Me Happy: #3 Candles

I am a sucker for smells. I can smell something completely random and it takes me back to the exact moment or the exact person associated with when that olfactory memory was created. Cologne, a baby, the beach after it rains, pine and sugar cookies at Christmas – the smells sear those moments in my …


10 Things That Make Me Happy: #2 Baking

2 – Baking THE BACK STORY My son was diagnosed with a peanut allergy when he was 5. Once you realize the ramifications of going through life with a child who has a food allergy, it’s mind-boggling. Obviously, understanding, examining and considering all foods is of paramount importance. After countless class parties and birthday celebrations, …

The Story of an Ear Infection & a Q-Tip

Against my better judgment (it is flu season after all…), I stopped into the Urgent Care yesterday because of lingering right ear and throat/gland pain. My son has been sick with a junky cough for weeks, so I assumed I was just getting whatever he has. A diagnosis of a sinus and ear infection and …