10 Things That Make Me Happy: #3 Candles

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I am a sucker for smells. I can smell something completely random and it takes me back to the exact moment or the exact person associated with when that olfactory memory was created. Cologne, a baby, the beach after it rains, pine and sugar cookies at Christmas – the smells sear those moments in my brain.

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More often than not, those scent triggered blasts from the pasts are happy ones. If I rub Jergen’s on my arms or lather my nose with mentholatum, I am once again encased in my grandmother’s arms. I get a whiff of Love’s Baby Soft or Malibu Musk and I’m right back in junior high all over again.

This is nothing groundbreaking on my part as science has long supported the ties between smell and memory. I just do my part supporting the notion because those smells have become such a source of comfort for me. When I get home in the evening, I light my candle on my kitchen table and turn on the candle warmer in my living room. The environment is immediately upped in the cozy factor and a sense of peace envelopes me. It’s not that easy to find something so simple that produces such a profound feeling.

#3 of What Makes Me Happy are: Candles


Yankee Candle has always been my go-to for all purchases candle related. I am still irked that they got rid of my favorite Cinnamon Vanilla candle though… I’m more of a food-based candle buyer rather than florals or household scents (linen, cotton, etc.). Give me a French Vanilla, Mulled Cider or Spiced Pumpkin (hello fall!), Sun and Sand (summertime vibes) or Crisp Apple (back to school bliss) anytime. Do you remember that cologne smell I mentioned? Well, if you don’t have anyone to sniff, Midsummer’s Night will help you out with that!

I have always been partial to the actual candles, but have found myself embracing the candle warmers lately. I love the soft glow they illuminate. It’s nice that you can do a different (but complementary) scent in the warmer while the candle is lit. I typically keep a Cinnamon Stick melt cup in my warmer and change up the candle. I do this with my winter and fall candles that is. My spring/summer scents do best with a vanilla melt cup. I used to walk in my good friend’s house and wonder how on earth all the candles lit could possibly smell good together. Now I get it. I just needed to learn how to combine those scents!

I’m sure there are a million other candle varieties out there (and I’m a big proponent of supporting your local stores who sell them!), but I’ve been a Yankee girl for decades and can only speak to their scents. So long as I find such serenity with smells, I’ll keep them lit in my home.

Don’t forget to check out the #1 and #2 things that make me happy in this series. Here’s hoping we all take a moment to appreciate those things that make us happy as we navigate these rough waters. Stay strong friends!

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